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Past Newsletters

  1. The Silver Lining of COVID (from a coach’s perspective)

  2. Four strategies to create positive relationships with parents

  3. Mike Deegan and 1% Better Culture of Competition

  4. The Inner Game of Tennis (a book you should read)

  5. Being proactive vs reactive

  6. Mental Training

  7. Motivation from Josh Niblett

  8. Sports officiating crisis (and ways to help)

  9. Are you making your family your #1 priority?

  10. The Talent Code (another book you should read)

  11. The #HighSchoolHatProject

  12. Coaching is hard. Cutting kids is the worst.

  13. Coaching is hard. Cutting kids is the worst. (Part 2)

  14. Why I don’t post a “cut list”

  15. What a feeling! (Sports are back)

  16. A gift for your athletes

  17. In-season check-ins with your athletes

  18. The importance of the bus ride

  19. How we do senior night

  20. Three people you should take care of today

  21. Establishing a mental health culture

  22. End-of-season awards

  23. End-of-season awards (part 2)

  24. “Winning has a price”

  25. Retaining information

  26. Extreme Ownership (another book you should read)

  27. Quick hits (information you can use today)

  28. One question you need to answer right now

  29. Will NIL trickle down to high school?

  30. Further addressing the officials shortage

  31. High school strength & conditioning

  32. Creating your own game notes

  33. Legacy (another book you should read)

  34. A student-athlete’s guide to eating out

  35. Trent Dilfer (where’s the line?)

  36. What can we learn from Philip Rivers?

  37. A magnificent thread on “The Process”

  38. The Confidence Flow Chart

  39. Leveraging Google Forms

  40. Some perspective on the high school experience

  41. A 5-minute breathing exercise for your players

  42. The Treasure Chest

  43. Creating competitions has (unintended) consequences

  44. How do we create 1% better chemistry?

  45. Helping your student-athletes navigate the recruiting process

  46. The Capability Gap

  47. An attitude of gratitude

  48. Why “leading by example” is a banned phrase in our program

  49. Our recruiting guide

  50. Don’t cover for your student-athletes

  51. Andy McKay’s “funnel”

  52. 2021: A year of growth

  53. Affects of negative appraisals post-game

  54. A recruiting page you can replicate

  55. Quick hits to make you a better coach today

  56. Uniform letters

  57. The School of Saxon Baseball

  58. Blueprints vs. Goals

  59. Theories underpinning team building

  60. The pre-season parent meeting

  61. Our players choose to try out for varsity (or not)

  62. Sometimes cutting a player is the best thing for everyone

  63. Why you should share your team concepts online

  64. The power of handwritten notes

  65. A service project you could start right away

  66. Giving responsibility away to your assistants

  67. Relentless positivity

  68. Standing up for your morals

  69. Freshmen on varsity?

  70. Do you really know what culture is?

  71. Book recommendations for your team’s inner circle

  72. End-of-season awards, part 3

  73. The Feed the Cats model for training

  74. End-of-season checklist

  75. Visualizing failure?

  76. High school sports by the numbers

  77. #Mudita Mondays

  78. Helping student-athletes build their Twitter recruitment

  79. The power of a free t-shirt

  80. Player evaluations

  81. Toolbox Tuesday (on a Wednesday)

  82. Helpful tidbits

  83. The Recruit’s Playbook (another book you should read)

  84. Taking a team to state for the first time

  85. “What I wish I knew as a young coach”

  86. Celebrate your athletes

  87. Responding to a hard loss

  88. What you didn’t know about being a head coach

  89. Improving acceleration without a sled

  90. What I learned from vandalism

  91. Five fundraisers that work

  92. The most listened-to episodes of 2022

  93. What will get in the way of us winning?

  94. Check for AEDs

  95. How we run tryouts

  96. You should do an Amazon Wishlist

  97. The importance of high school sports

  98. An open letter to parents of student-athletes

  99. Our strategy to fundraising $45,000+ per year

  100. Four steps to better listening

  101. Ten commandments of competitors

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